What’s inside my Make-up Bag?

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Having an 8 month old baby to take care of and a full-time work, I am always and I have to be on the Go. However I always make it a point to present myself less tired than I actually am. 😀 So here are some of the makeup stuffs that I carry around with me for touch-ups on a daily basis.


Face Powder:     Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder

The simple white packaging sold me on this and since a lot of people are all raving about this product, I finally gave in and bought myself one. I am in the shade Honey. Compared to the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in one, this one looks and feel lighter. There are days that I want more from this product so I would just use a primer before patting this unto my face. I use either Rimmel’s Fix & Perfect PRO Primer or the Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser.


Blush-on:     EB Advance Lip and Cheek tint and San San Rosanne Collection in Sweet Glow

Majority of the blushes I owned are in pinks or mauve but this one is an exemption.  I won’t leave the house without my EB Advance Lip and Cheek tint in very red which I believe is the only shade that they have. This has become a favorite. As a blush, it is very pigmented and stays put. Have tried using this as a lip tint on days when I wanted my make-up to look fresh and natural. However, the bitter taste of this product reminds me of the raspberry flavored paracetamol that I used to drink as a child when I am not feeling well. Still, I recommend this since it is very affordable and works well.

The San San Rosanne Collection in Sweet Glow is a shimmer pink blush that I originally planned to use as a highlight above my matte blushes. From the name itself, It does give you a bit of glow. It has a very fine texture, silky to the touch and not powdery. Have tried using this alone and so far I liked it.

blush on




Lip Products:     Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Balm in the shade 001 Honey, MeNow Kiss Proof Lipsticks and the Bee Naturals lip balm

Okay, so I won’t say much about Revlon’s Just Bitten since this is a tried and tested product and loved by many. I’m sure almost everyone will agree with me on this. This has been one of my HG lip products. I love how Honey is moisturizing and natural looking it is on my lips. Have tried a darker shade from their original range, If I can recall it correctly, I think it is in the shade Crush. It is a dark berry shade that when used sparingly, gives me that true Just Bitten look.

I have my No.8 and No. 12 MeNow Kiss Proof with me. No. 8 gives me that Kylie Jenner Vibe while No.12 is a dark berry with a hint of purple. Sometimes I would put a lip balm first, wipe of the excess and then dab No.12 and create a ombre effect which is kind of on trend nowadays. True to its claim that it is indeed Kiss Proof. From my experience, it did stay put for several hours with minimal drinking and eating. As expected it is drying otherwise it won’t be Kiss Proof in my opinion.



Bee Natural lip balm is an affordable lip balm that I’ve tried that works. It is very affordable with a price range of 75-80 Pesos per pack which consist of 2 lip balms. It is minty which I look for and does a great job with keeping my lips healthy. It does claim that the ingredients used are comparable with Burt’s Bees. Haven’t tried the latter so I can’t comment on that.

I always do my brows before leaving the house so I did not mention any brow product.I do curl my lashes and put on mascara when I feel like I need an extra oomph on my look but for days that I am in a hurry, these basics are good enough for me to carry around.