Hubby has been raving about a new burger place near our home that his friend recommended. According to him they only serve home-made burgers . Being a Certified Food Lover that he is, he got curious and went there the other night and tried it for himself. I was not as excited as he is since I was dead tired due to workloads in the office. Burger Places/ Restaurants were popping almost everywhere and I’ve tried most of them so I don’t expect anything different. So I just went to bed early.

The following morning, I went about and do my usual routine every morning before going to work. He asked me if I liked the burger that he brought home last night. I did not notice the bag sitting’ on my bedside. I wasn’t sure if he was just makin fun of me or I was just half asleep cause he said that we had a brief conversation and told me about the burger. I honestly can’t remember a thing and this happened a lot of times already. Lol!  I told him I’m just going to eat while in our car cause we have to hurry to avoid the rush hour.

Anyways,  I opened the brown paper bag not expecting anything extra ordinary, but Lo and Behold! The burger is quite massive than any other regular burgers I’ve tried. I got excited, (finally!) it was neatly wrapped in a foil. When I opened it, a generous amount of cheese sauce almost dripped on my shirt. It is jam-packed with everything you want in a burger and more… The patty is double the size of a regular burger. Hubby asked how was it.  I just continued eating, lol.. I am certain that their patty is indeed Home made and 100% pure beef. I dig in a bit and saw a thick slice of (not sure which) ham/spam and strips of bacon. If I can recall it correctly, what hubby gave me is their Cheesy Bacon.

I just have no words to describe how  happy and satisfied I am with the burger eventhough it was from his late night food escapade. Hubby also said how he love their nachos and milkshake. And guess what, their menu is definitely reasonably priced. Their Burger ranges from 80 pesos – 150 pesos. (Will update in case they changed their prices)

Sooooooo, after hearing all of the praises from hubby. I am tempted to try out and see it for myself.

A day passed, hubby and I decided to eat there before heading home. It is very accessible and easy to locate given that it is only along Laguna Bel Air 1 Main Road (Sta. Rosa, Laguna)

The owner is very accommodating, he would welcome and will gladly explain what they have in the menu.


The South Burger Counter

So we ordered their South Burger Overload. The owner said that it’s a mix of their 2 burgers. Sorry I am just bad with remembering names in general but this comes with a sunny side up egg.  You can add 30 pesos to avail of their drinks and mojo added to your burger. They only have 2 choices of drinks, Hubby ordered their Red Tea and I decided to try their Cucumber Lemonade. We also ordered their nachos.


South Burger Overload P 150 + 30 for the mojo and drinks

Look how mouth-watering that is!



They served it in a wood type – chopping board complete with knife,fork and plastic gloves.

Red Tea and Cucumber Lemonade

I failed to take a picture of their Nachos cause hubby dug right away the moment they served it.

Due to its serving size, I am sooo full. I love their Cucumber Lemonade. Their Nacho is quite spicy for my liking but still an A+ for its taste.

The Verdict

I would say, this is the best burger I’ve tried. Just what I’ve said it is indeed 100% Pure beef
patty and home-made. Generous amount of everything from their cheese sauce to their veggies. They only offer limited choices in their menu, but hopefully they would add a few more. The place is quite small though. Reasonably priced for a great and best tasting burger in the South. Will be coming back to try their milk shake, soon. 🙂



Food  – 4.5
Price – 5
Service – 5
Place – 4.5

TOTAL: 4.75

Opening Hours 3:00 PM till 11:00 PM

Check them out below: